The first 4 min at-home Antigen* test for Covid.

Product Package

This is a design prototype.

*Antigen: Detects active infection

It’s “kinda” like a pregnancy test, but for Covid.

What’s in the kit.

Nasal Swab

for swabbing

Test Tube

for mixing


for testing

How it works.


Antibody tests will tell you if you’ve been infected with Covid-19 in the past, but PCR tests will detect if you have it NOW. Both test solutions currently available are inefficient, expensive, and unreliable.

Clock Inefficient

Money Expensive

Thumbdown Unreliable

Antibody Tests

Detects Covid-19 antibodies and tells you if you’ve been infected with Covid in the past.


  • Technical staff and specialized laboratory equipment
  • Requires finger prick for blood testing


  • $60-200 / test
  • Inefficient and labor intensive for onsite deployment


  • Accuracy of 60% (multiple tests encouraged for accuracy improvement)
  • 1-3 day turnaround time for test results

PCR Tests

Detects active Covid-19 infection and tells you if you have Covid NOW.


  • Technical staff and specialized laboratory equipment
  • Controlled temperatures and incubation
  • 2-5 hour wait times with exposure to virus (doctor visit, drive-thru stations)


  • $140-200 / test
  • Inefficient and labor intensive for onsite deployment$40K+ equipment
  • $40K+ equipment


  • Accuracy of 80-95%
  • 7-14 day turnaround time for test results
  • Exposure of testing sites to to supply / PPE shortages


The first 4 min at-home Antigen test for Covid that is efficient, affordable, and reliable.


Efficient & Convenient Testing Kits

  • Self-administered at-home test kit
  • No specialized equipment required
  • Over-The-Counter (no prescription required)
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Fast & Affordable Examinations

  • $50 dollars per test (MSRP)
  • 24-hour direct delivery to your home (or immediate drug store pick-up)
  • Complementary mobile application enables detailed diagnostic, contact tracing, and immediate tele-medicine services

Reliable & Actionable Results

  • Detects active infection within 4 minutes via color change on test strip
  • Current testing accuracy 98.8%; Sensitivity 96%; Specificity 100%
  • Patent pending & applying for FDA EUA
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Let’s talk numbers.

The worst pandemic of our lifetime with no clear solution in sight.

Last updated: March 22, 2021, 18:32 GMT

In the World.


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In the USA.


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Our Mission NOW.

Reduce number of COVID-19 fatalities by providing efficient antigen test kits at affordable prices with reliable results.


Our Value Proposition.

The COVIDNOW® rapid test will detect Covid-19 during the 3–12 day incubation period, before or during the early onset of symptoms.

About QXD

Quorum X Diagnostics (QXD) is a medical diagnostic company that focuses on a faster, cheaper and easier method to identify bacteria within the human body (the standard culture method takes up to 3 days, whereas our methods allow for identification within 4 min).

Using our proprietary technology method, QXD has developed a working prototype, QXD-1, a fast test for Pseudomonal Pneumonia and is now currently fully focused on fast-tracking the development of COVIDNOW®, a 4 minute at-home Antigen test for Covid-19.

In addition, QXD have plans to develop several other rapid tests including a Mutliplex Test for pneumonia, Bronchitis, UTI, yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. All test products will be based on QXD’s unique proprietary technology.

Why you may want to invest in us NOW.

  • This will be the FIRST at-home Covid-19 Antigen test.
  • Detects an active Covid-19 infection.
  • We are in clinicals.
  • Our team! Our team consists of 2 PhD scientist founders and 5 active advisors (all MD, PhD, MBA).

Investor FAQs

We are building a rapid at-home test kit for COVID. It is a lateral flow test, “kinda” like a pregnancy test, but for COVID. It will detect COVID during the 2-12-day incubation period, BEFORE or during the early onset of symptoms.

We plan to have a line of at-home rapid diagnostic kits. We aspire to be similar to Alere, a diagnostics company that made rapid at-home POC lateral flows, acquired by Abbott for $5.3B.

Global need. We quickly realized that we could use the same unique technology that we used to build our QXD-1 Fast Test for Pseudomonal Pneumonia for our COVIDNOW® diagnostic kit.

COVID is what’s changed. We are in a pandemic and a reliable easy-to-use at-home Antigen test is needed now.

We are finalizing the prototype. We need money to move fast, to buy supplies, to manufacture, to patent, run clinical’s, and get FDA EUA. We know we can do this!

There are about 35 COVID tests on the market - 99% of them are some type of PCR-based technology. The whole globe using PCR reagents and supplies. What happens when the PCR reagents run out?

By selling at-home tests kits to consumers, businesses, government agencies, and other entities. We also have a very good relationship with a Teledoc service that is located in 50 states, 900+ drugstores, with drug store kiosks already in place.

The biggest risk is defined by our ability to get the sensitivity and specificity of the test high enough for EUA approval. Our initial results are promising but we won’t know until we test patient samples.

We have a working prototype for the QXD-1 Fast Test for Pseudomonal Pneumonia. This was tested against 37 patient samples with 87% sensitivity and 100% specificity (seems like we know how to build something!). For the QXD-1, we filed a PCT International Utility Patent, filed an FDA Pre-Submission, collected 1 Letter of Intent, and identified 3 clinical trial partners (request collaboration letters). In April 2020, we realized we could utilize similar biomarkers to make a COVID test, so we put the Pseudomal test aside (for now). We’ve already talked to a manufacturer and are sure we can do this quickly.

We completed YCombinator Startup School (SUS) Su18, Su19, and Su20. We also completed ATDC Educate level W18 and John Hopkins Su18 biotech 6-week online incubator program.



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Our Products

All products are based on QXD’s unique proprietary technology.

in development


4 min at-home Antigen test for Covid.

in development


Fast test for Pseudomonal Pneumonia.

in development

Other rapid tests

Mutliplex Test for Pneumonia, Bronchitis, UTI, Yeast Infection and Bacterial Vaginosis.